For Sale!

After four successful years trading we have decided to concentrate on making art and music and so have decided to sell the Gallery. A lot of work has happened in that time making the place a great venue / opportunity for whatever exciting adventure happens next!

The sale is being done via J R Hoppers and you can view the sale details below as well as large photos of the rooms. Any enquires can be addressed to them – we are around and are happy to discuss any aspect of the business if required.

If you wanted to continue the venue as a gallery there are a lot of contacts we can supply, as well as domain names, trip advisor info, Facebook page and branding etc if required.

Make sure you click on the street view icon below and have a look around the gallery via Google maps – it’s kinda cool!



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J R Hoppers

You can check the full details of the sale here


Have a walk around inside using Google Streetview



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