Sunshine, warmth and wonderful art to enjoy!  I cannot think of any else required apart from maybe a cup of tea or coffee?  It’s all here today in Hawes.  Where are you?

The Chapel Gallery  now has over 10 exhibiting artists predominately from the Yorkshire Dales and all Yorkshire based.  Hand turned wood, quilts, felted brooches and pictures, wildlife hare and kingfisher studies, ceramic sculptures, painted as well as embroidered landscapes, fused glass scenes – yes some do include a sheep or two, hand dyed, woven hats and capes and a steampunk owl or two amongst the errant hen and owl doorstops.

Richard Hanson’s photography exhibition ‘The High Life’ is still on show stimulating great interest and comment.  If you haven’t yet had chance to come and see it, you know you are always welcome!  If you are too far away you can view his exhibition on-line.

So why not… come enjoy the art, view the exhibition and maybe have a cuppa?  You will be warmly welcomed.

Anne (The Madbird)